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Creative Space
Passive Wellbeing Technology

"Workplaces that are not 'well' impair employee performance and are at risk of heightened vacancy levels and loss of income potential "

Cushman & Wakefield 'Well Work Place: Making Spaces Human Again'


"Companies must adopt a culture of wellness as the default, not the exception, if they want to attract and retain good people."

Future of Wellness at Work, Global Wellness Institute


Creative Space works with Resonance Technology to optimise the built environment so it can become a space that fosters creativity, innovation and wellbeing.


In the fast changing “innovation-driven economy”, companies are being pushed to generate more new ideas and products than ever before.

The challenge is that currently our built environments are rarely spaces that nurture creativity, in fact studies estimate work related stress is costing employers US $650 bn across Europe.

The role of the workspace is to be a supportive environment that creates a sense of wellbeing and productivity in the people working there. There is already a high level of awareness around the effects of temperature control, natural lighting and design to improve this experience. However, there are also invisible factors that effect the workspace: from electromagnetic interference and blue-light to less tangible factors like feelings of stress, pressures of hierarchy and friction in working relationships.  

From a resonance perspective, all of these factors have a vibration. These vibrations have an effect on the building and by proxy everyone working there.  

Resonance Technology is a passive wellbeing technology that disperses frequencies selected to balance and support a workspace. 


The Resonance Technology System


How It Works