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Resonance Technology works remotely. It has a database of over 80,000 frequencies which it can identify, transmit and receive to support a building or workspace. Once installed the Resonance Technology device connects remotely with the E-lybra system. From there frequencies are sent from the E-lybra system to the device and transmitted throughout the work space.

On average 400 frequencies are transmitted a day to each device fitted in a building. The bigger the building, the more devices that are needed. 

We are using Resonance Technology in:

  • Offices

  • Homes

  • Warehouses

  • Retail Spaces


Our Service

  • Initial consultation: we look at the building, discuss your targets and metrics you're interested in applying.
  • We fit the tech or explain how to install it and the optimum location for it.
  • Monthly report: Each month we’ll create a report that shows what the technology has focused on. If it turns up in the report this means the resonance aspect has been addressed but there may be a need for more physical support.
  • The report may flag up expected areas but it also might identify some unexpected areas that need addressing.